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Best Agency Finance Software

Do you wish you had a one-stop solution for managing all your agency’s financial needs in one convenient place? Pegasus Systems offers you leading agency finance software that is sure to make optimising your business’ financial operations easy.
Agency Finance Software

For over three decades, we’ve been working with businesses both small and large, to create tailor-made financial systems.

Request and receive real-time reports on all aspects of your business with our software. You can run cost-benefit analyses, budgets, and other business intelligence operations all from one convenient place.

Why Choose Pegasus As Your Finance Management Software?

We’ve worked with some of the best business finance managers in the industry to develop a leading all-in-one software solution. With satisfied clients worldwide, you know you’re in good company when you choose Pegasus for your agency finance software needs. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the main benefits our systems offer:

Consolidate Financials Across Multiple Entities

Get smooth consolidation of your finances across multiple businesses. That means streamlining payments, managing cashflows, keeping up with balance sheets, and tax reporting all on one convenient platform.

Migrate All Your Data With Ease

We’ve designed our systems for maximum compatibility with other software. That’s why it’s easy to migrate all your historical data to Pegasus. We make switching to Australia’s leading agency finance system a breeze.

Handle Your Budgets Better

Our systems are fantastic for finance managers looking to create the ideal budget. Compare budgeted time and costs against actual values, set up alerts for over-running, and get detailed, real-time budget information reports with Pegasus.

Accurate Job Costing

Accurately estimate all project costs and turn these estimates into an invoice with just the click of a button. With Pegasus, you can make as many adjustments or revisions as you need before emailing your invoice directly to your client.

Streamlining Finance Workflows

We’ve designed our solutions to save time and optimise finance operations. When you choose our agency finance software, you’ll get all your information updated in real-time, ensuring that you get accurate reports and forecasting.

Personalised Data

Find all the business intelligence, analytics, and performance data you need to make critical decisions for your business’s success and development. That’s real-time visibility of all the information you need, in one, convenient place.

Work Globally

Manage the world from the palm of your hand when you choose Pegasus Systems. Reach international markets with us. With real-time integration, you’ll be able to collaborate with employees and clients easily, no matter where in the world they are.

Currency Management

Conduct all types of financial transactions in multiple currencies simultaneously. With our agency finance software, working with different global currencies is a breeze. Our real-time monitoring solutions allow you to take steps to track your gains and losses when currency values change.

Ready to make the switch to a leading agency finance solution? Just get in touch with the Pegasus team at +61 2 9906 4133 to learn more today. Our friendly, professional staff are happy to help.