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Job Management

The Best Job Management Software for Agencies

Struggling to handle your projects? Under pressure to meet your clients’ deadlines? Dealing with complex creative requirements? If you’re looking for job management software for your Agency to simplify your business’ operational demands, Pegasus can help.
Job Management Software Australia

Our industry-leading solutions make running your business simple. Handle job management and timelines in real-time, from concept to billing. Our software is a one-stop-shop for all your job management needs.

Creative and Studio Briefs, Estimates, Orders, Timesheets, WIP Reports – Get it all done in one convenient place with Pegasus.

Looking for Effective Job Tracking Software for your Agency?

With Pegasus, you’ll get a smart, intuitive platform that helps you streamline your workflow, minimise costs, and maximise productivity.
With over three decades in the industry, we have got the experience and skills to design job management software in Australia that evolves with your business’ requirements. Choose us, and you’ll get a product tailor-made for your needs.

If you have any questions about our software or would like a more detailed demonstration, simply give our friendly team a call at +61 2 9906 4133, and they’ll be happy to help.

Why Choose Pegasus?

With so many options on the market, you might be wondering what makes our systems stand out. Here are some of the reasons why we’re the leading choice for agencies looking to optimise their productivity:


Produce job estimates with confidence using our templates and send them directly to clients. Plus, with the option to manage multiple estimates per job, our job management software in Australia makes adapting to changing circumstances easy.


Create orders directly from the estimates generated in our convenient, one-stop platform.

Quick Turnaround Times

At Pegasus, we know how important time management is for a successful business. That’s why our software allows you to raise studio briefs directly from the Job Header so that you can get started on production faster.

Manage Job Costs

Get job cost reports in real-time with our job management software in Australia. That means you can focus on anything from individual costs to managing gains and losses across the board. Our systems also allow you to set your percentage of estimated parameters, and get alerts if costs begin to cross your upper threshold.

Job Management Software You Can Rely On

Whether you’re a large multinational or a small, month-old start-up, if you’re looking for job management software in Australia that will help you regulate bills, manage invoices, and maximise productivity, choose Pegasus. Our team will work with you to create a project that you’re sure to love.

With hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, you know you’re in good company when you choose us. We’ve created customised job management software to meet the individual needs of diverse global clients. That’s why you can trust that when you work with Pegasus, you’ll get a one-stop solution that’s precisely what your business needs.

Ready to make the change? To find out more, simply contact us at +61 2 9906 4133.